Hardware Description

The AMD Geode NX processor family gives product designers a wide range of options in low-power, high-performance processors. Based on Mobile AMD Athlon processor technology, AMD NX processors deliver superior computing performance for applications including thin-client, point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, high-end printers, and home media systems. AMD Geode Solutions have received new model numbers to better reflect total performance beyond just megahertz. This presentation of attributes gives designers greater understanding of the capabilities of AMD Geode Solutions. The AMD Geode NX processor family consists of three versatile and powerful products - each with advanced architecture, proven performance and excellent power management characteristics. Each is designed to be compatible with Mobile AMD Athlon processor infrastructure components including chipsets, BIOS, drivers, and more. The AMD Geode NX processor family is ideally suited for applications that require an optimum combination of highperformance and low-power consumption. The NX processors are supported by extensive production infrastructure - built around a proven 7th-generation architecture - and a long-term supply commitment.