• 1997

Hardware Description

The AppleVision/ColorSync 750AV Display, released in conjunction with the Power Macintosh 8600/250, Power Macintosh 8600/300, Power Macintosh 9600/300, and Power Macintosh 9600/350, features a color 17.0" (16.1" viewable area) Trinitron CRT (0.25 aperture grill/0.26 dot pitch), built-in full-frequency speakers, internal microphone, headphone jack, two ADB ports, and a video-in port. On March 11, 1998, Apple changed the name of this display from AppleVision 750AV to ColorSync 750AV as it "more effectively communicates the advantages of the systems' color calibration capabilities to customers".
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    AppleVision 750AV Display
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