• 1994

Hardware Description

The Apple Multiple Scan 20 Display provides publishing professionals with the ideal solution for all of their color graphic display needs. It offers superior-quality and two-page viewing. Today, two-page viewing is a must for graphics and publishing professionals from graphic designers to photo retouches to journalists. The Apple Multiple Scan 20 provides a complete, high-quality Apple solution to meet these needs, making it easy to set up a system that will allow you to get the job done - whether it's designing a newsletter or producing a newspaper. With its state-of-the-art "next generation" Sony Trinitron picture tube - featuring a 0.26-mm aperture grille pitch - the Apple Multiple Scan 20 Display provides unprecedented crisp, bright color images. And for maximum flexibility, the Apple Multiple Scan 20 Display will display a wide range of resolutions. With the included software, you can enlarge images on the screen and increase the resolution for viewing full two-page layouts dynamically. And you don't even have to quit applications or restart your Macintosh. Reflecting Apple's commitment to user-centered design principles, the Apple Multiple Scan 20 Display is both simple to set up and enjoyable to use. It's easy to connect the display to your system; its Apple Desktop Bus connectors are integrated directly into the base and it includes a PC adapter for connecting to PCs. To minimize distortion, the Apple Multiple Scan 20 features a high-quality antireflection panel. And its conveniently located digital controls let you adjust white point, geometry, centering, and convergence for optimal viewing quality. Even with all of these features, the Apple Multiple Scan 20 remains affordable - making it the perfect choice for professionals whose work includes the development of graphics and layouts.