• 1994

Hardware Description

The Apple’s MessagePad 120 personal digital assistant (PDA) makes your information as mobile as you are. It allows you to organize your work and personal life; to integrate information with your personal computer; to communicate using faxes, pages, and e-mail; and to expand your capabilities with third-party solutions. It has a built-in Notepad, to-do list, datebook, telephone log, and address file for organizing personal and business affairs, as well as Pocket Quicken to help organize personal and business expenses. You can enter information in many ways: as digital ink, printed text, hand-drawn graphics, or with an on-screen keyboard. There's even an optional external keyboard. Pen-based navigation and data entry make finding information easy and fast. Its improved recognition software transforms your handwriting into typed text. You can also print your information as it appears on its easy-to-read screen, or as fully formatted pages. The MessagePad 120 can receive wireless messages and alphanumeric pages, and can send and receive faxes and electronic mail. Included eWorld software allows you to communicate with Internet users via eWorld. The MessagePad 120 also lets you share and exchange information with either Windows software-based or Macintosh computers using the included Newton Backup Utility, or optional Newton Connection Utilities and Newton Press software. Your MessagePad 120 can also be customized with software applications as well as accessories and on-line services that put critical information at your fingertips, no matter where you are.