• 1993

Hardware Description

Designed as a replacement for the Quadra 900, the Quadra 950 may not have grown any outside but inside Apple upped performance from 25MHz to a far speedier 33MHz. This helped overall system performance enormously but by removing certain 'wait states' from the video circuitry, video performance increased by 20% over the older machine. Like the 900, the 950 was aimed at the server market and there was plenty of space inside to mount several hard drives and two seperate SCSI busses were available to handle them (although System 7.0-7.1 'folded' the two together so that there were still only 7 possible SCSI IDs - the final one being reserved for the system as per usual). In addition to the enormous drive potential, Apple made plenty of provision for expansion in the card department and the motherboard allowed 5 NuBus cards to be plugged in (2x25 watt slots and 3x15 watt slots).