• 2009

Hardware Description

Asus RX3081 is an 8-port high speed broadband device that supports various WAN connection types; thus, supporting static IP, dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPTP, and L2TP. It is also highly equipped with advanced security controls including built-in firewall that supports Domain and URL blocking, IP Address filtering, and AC Address filtering. These firewalls give protection to a single device or an entire area network such as a corporate network from malicious attacks and prevent unauthorized access to resources on external networks. These also keep track of inbound and outbound data traffic. The device then helps prevent any data exploitation and corruption attempts from worms and other suspicious activities. Most importantly, Asus RX3081 can easily be figure out and set up with its all-inclusive web-based configuration package including a set-up wizard. You do not have to tediously read long and complex manuals in learning how the device works and hooks up with other connection devices.