Hardware Description

The Atari 65XEM Personal Computer System. This unreleased computer was a standard Atari 65XE computer fitted with a special Audio Processor called "AMY" Shown at the 1985 CES, the 65XEM was touted as having remarkable capabilities for sound/voice synthesis. The AMY Sound Processor was originally a chip designed for Project "GAZA" in 1983 in the Advanced Technologies Group (also referred to as the Atari Corporate Research Lab) in Sunnyvale, CA. AMY was one of two new chips for a high end dual 68000 processor audio/video workstation that was designed and working prototypes were built. The graphics processor was called "Rainbow". Together these chips created a formidable computer system capable of graphics and sound rivaling many computers which came out years upon years later. Unfortunately these computers would never see the light of day due to the sale of Atari in 1984.