• 1985

Hardware Description

Audiovox CMT-1200 is marketed through the company's AudioTel mobile cellular telephone division. It is available in a choice of three durable briefcases. The CMT- 1200 unit contains Audiovox's CMT-1000 cellular phone and portable accessories in a Samsonite Survivor briefcase. It retails for $2,250. The CMT-1300 portable unit includes the same telephone and accessories in a silver Halliburton case for $2,695; and the CMT-1350, which includes a CMT-1000 in a black Halliburton case, retails for $2,895. All three units have a 3 -digit combination lock for security and full length piano -type hinges for rigidity. The CMT-1000 cellular telephone has two features unique to AudioTel; a five year warranty covering parts and labor and a two mode electronic message recorder that either records numbers or leaves a call forwarding number. In addition to a 4 amp, hour NiCad battery, the suitcase unit includes a lightweight AC charger with status indicators for easy re- charging through a standard 110V AC outlet. The AudioTel suitcase phone uses two antennas; a 1/4 wave flexible type with TNC connector and a custom folded % wave an- tenna with a 10 -inch height. The folded % wave antenna effectively doubles the output power of 1/4 wave antennas. In addition, an outside vehicle antenna can be connected for higher power, clarity, and reception in automobiles. The cellular suitcase phone can be operated in a car through the unit's heavy duty molded cigarette lighter plug that trickle charges the cellular phone from the car battery as it is used. Options for the new cellular unit include a heavy duty "D" ring strap attachment for shoulder carrying ($25) and an AC power supply that allows operation on household current ($60). An easy to understand user's manual is provided with each phone.