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  • 1985

Hardware Description

AUDIOVOX's newest entry into the market is AUDIOVOX’s CTX-4000. This 3rd generation phone features two exciting technological advances and the sleekest, slimmest styling to date. One key dialing allows the user to program their three most frequently called numbers into three special keys. To dial those numbers, simply press the key desired. No more recall, and the two digits memory address to press. The CTX-4000 can be made into a transportable phone with the addition of the optional accessory TCT-200. In the transportable mode the CTX-4000 provides more standby time than previous models, making cellular communications even more convenient. The styling of the CTX-4000 is sleek and trim. Of course, the CTX-4000 features a mini transceiver. In addition, the CTX-4000 cellular car telephone offers an outstanding array of features such as push button on-hook dialing that enables you to dial while the handset is in the cradle; repertory dialing that Jets you store and recall up to 99 of your frequently called numbers (20 locations can be used for Voice Activated Dialing); memory name tag that offers you a 5 character ID name which is displayed with the number in each memory location; and last number redial that permits you to redial the last number you called at the touch of a single button (a great help when calling frequently busy phones) . An electronic “scratch-pad” allows you to enter a number into the unit while you are engaged in a conversation without writing it down; the number can be recalled later using the repertory dialing or last number redial features. The CTX-4000 also has a call time display feature that automatically, counts the time that your phone is in operation, and touch tone from memory that allows you to access discount long distance services, signal pagers or banking by phone. This is made easy by 5 number link dialing sets which are stored in 9 special memory locations. For those needing mobile fax or computer, the cradle has an AUX I/ O JACK (RJ11) for data transmissions. When away from the car, your calls can be answered by a 15 second personal digitized message. AUDIOVOX has made the installation and maintenance of the Cellular Car Telephone simple. The small, sturdy, compact transceiver can be installed in one easy operation. A flexible mounting systems allows the phone to be mounted wherever you want. For all its high tech sophistication, the AUDIOVOX ‘ CTX-4000 Cellular Car Telephone is surprisingly easy to use; you simply dial no codes, no operators, no waiting, no hassle. And the AUDIOVOX Cellular Car Telephon is a no-nonsense, high quality instrument, rugged enough for off-road use as well as high speed freeway vibration.