• 1989

Hardware Description

Audiovox CTX-4500 With all the cellular electronics and the transceiver built into its trimmed-down handset, Audiovox's CTX -4500 0.6-watt hand-held phone is totally portable. It is small and light enough to be carried in a briefcase or pocketbook, and can be used in practically any location. The phone's built -in battery system provides eight hours of standby and one hour of talk time. The phone comes with a spare battery, and small, rechargeable, plug -in battery car- tridges are available optionally. Another option is a 3 -watt base cradle that allows the phone to be used in a boat, car, or RV. The CTX -4500 also features 16 -digit repertory memory, end -to -end signaling, last- number redial, on -air call timers to keep track of accumulated time and number of calls, and multi -city registration. The CTX -4500 hand -held cellular telephone has a suggested retail price of $1,295.00.