• 2008

Hardware Description

Comes standard with a video card (ATI Radeon HD 3450 with 256MB of dedicated VRAM). Overly powerful enough for any present day office tasks - can handle multitasking quite easily with 2-3GB of RAM update. Fairly priced. Downgrade to Windows XP now costs $150. Comes with 1GB of RAM standard - too little, highly recommended to upgrade to at least 2GB for $20. Its a Dell.Dell Vostro 420 is a high performance tower designed for businesses requiring a desktop with options. The standard Intel Core 2 Duo Processor works at 2.53GHz CPU speed, while a total of 3GB of memory can be installed using the two DIMMs slots.The hard drive is basic, 160GB Serial ATA, however there are many upgrades available. Installed is a dedicated graphics card, the 256MB ATI Radeon HD while the optical drive, which also comes with options, is a standard 16X DVD-ROM drive. The Vostro 420 is the premium model of the Vostro Series, and the Processor reflects that, however the rest of the standard features are basic, and will require an increase in price to tranform this business tool into a desktop with strong graphics and memory characteristics.