• 2010

Hardware Description

Part of the Performance series of motherboards, the A7DA-S 3.0 offers enhanced connectivity and entertainment capability, backed-up by high-performance features and components. Based on the AMD® 790GX and SB750 chipset with an advanced DirectX 10 graphics engine with AMD UVD technology. UVD supports Blue-Ray and HD-DVD content, whilst offloading power and processor-intensive video decoding from the CPU to the graphics core. Side port memory is supported and does increase performance a good deal. Supporting AMD the latest Phenom™II processors with HT3.0 technology.and supports Dual DDR3 1333MHz memory for better overall system performance.2* PCIe Gen2.0 x16 slots are provided, enabling support for ATI CrossFireX™ technology and ATI™ Hybrid graphics technology - which boosts your system performance by enabling the ability for both discrete graphics and integrated graphics to render simultaneously. The A7DA-S 3.0 is designed for supporting Foxconn unique green(GSM) technology.