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  • 2003

Hardware Description

With the 3.20GHz Dual Intel Xeon support, the Super 6023P-8R server gives you amazing efficiency and great performance. The massive 16GB RAM support of this Supermicro computer server provides for multi-tasking capabilities. The 6 x 3.5" hot-swap Ultra320/160 SCSI Drive bays of this Supermicro server allow you to safely insert and remove the board from a live backplane. The Zero Channel RAID Support of this Supermicro computer server gives unhindered performance and accurately protects data. The Super 6023P-8R server features Dual Intel 82546EB GB ports for LAN connectivity. You get higher performance with the 400W power supply of this Supermicro server. The 2 USB ports of the Super 6023P-8R server rapidly connect to your computer for efficient functioning.
  • Model Number:

    6023P-8R / 6023P-8RB
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  • Hardware Type:

    Computer - Server
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