Hardware Description

This Geforce 9400 GT is made by Zotac with the model number: "ZT-94TEH2P-HSL / ZT-94TES2P-HSL" and is based on a card from the Nvidia Geforce 9000 series of graphics cards. The video card has 512MB of DDR2 memory running at a speed of 400MHz and a core with a clock speed of 550MHz. The Zotac website calls this card "Zotac GeForce 9400 GT Zone". This graphics card uses passive heatsink only, providing silent cooling. SLI is Nvidias technology used to connect multiple graphics cards on one system. The Geforce 9400 GT has support for 1 way SLI. This is a single slot video card and requires a 300 watt PSU. This graphics card can use any of the following ports to connect to a monitor: 1 x DVI. 1 x VGA. 1 x S Video.