Software Description

ARX was a Mach-like operating system written in Modula-2+ developed by Acorn Computers Ltd in the the Acorn Research Centre (ARC) and UK later Olivetti Research Center and later on Software Technology Laboratory (when Olivetti bought out Acorn) at Palo Alto for their new ARM RISC processors based Archimedes computers range. According to the project Application Manager during the project, Acorn was developing for it, Compiler for Acorn Modula-2 Extended Language (CAMEL in Modula-2+) bootstrapping from an Acorn Extended Modula-2 (AEM2) compiler (ported from Modula-2 ETH using Econet hardware), though never released externally, it was ported to use it in SUN Unix machines, in an effort to port Sun's workstations Sun NeWS to the Archimedes, and after Olivetti bought out Acorn, developed a compiler based on CAMEL for the Modula-3 programming Language.