• 2021 May 28

Software Description

Now business management is made easy, efficient, and affordable BIG BUSINESS is a software as a service that provides customized business management services like Finance, HR, CRM, and Inventory to small retail stores and manufacturing units.With Big Business App you can manage your business ecosystem seamlessly at a single place As we work towards growing our business, managing everyday tasks can become a hassle.There are 100s of software catering to all major business verticals like HR, Sales, Accounts, etc, with features that you may or may not require. On the other hand, one needs to manage and track all these software that can lead to confusion and thus reducing the overall efficiency of the business. Most importantly, such software caters to large business organizations, leaving the MSME and micro-businesses behind who cannot afford and end up over-complicating their operations. Big Business App aims to support product-based retail & wholesale stores, Micro Businesses, and franchise-based businesses in increasing the efficiency of their business operations.
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    Business Software
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    2021 May 28
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