• 2007

Software Description

RapidTyping Software announces the release of Rapid Typing Tutor, a free software tool to improve one's typing skills. Rapid Typing Tutor helps computer users to learn how to type properly without looking at the keyboard while making keyboard training fun and entertaining. The tool is completely free, and does not cost a dime. Kids, and adults too, can use Rapid Typing Tutor to improve their typing skills through a series of easy, fun lessons. Rapid Typing Tutor is not another boring keyboard training tool. With numerous colorful themes and avatars and a game-like environment, Rapid Typing Tutor makes learning typing fun for both adults and children. A built-in typing game makes learning to type an easy and entertaining experience. The built-in typing game makes training more like a game, not studying. With Rapid Typing Tutor, it's easy to evaluate typing performance at any time by simply looking at charts. Rapid Typing Tutor tracks user progress, and allows students to see their results at any time.
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    Educational - Teaching
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