• 2006

Software Description

OsMonitor monitoring software was designed for LAN monitoring and employee monitoring. You can find every detail about your employees' PC and Internet usage on server. OsMonitor is the powerful employee monitoring software for companies in all size. It allows you to know every detail about your employees' PC and Internet activities, and prevents them from something which is not allowed as well. OsMonitor is a guard of high productivity and Internet security. With OsMonitor, you can view and record your employees' PC activities such as their online conversation, the documents they process, the Web sites they visit, the software they run, the e-mails they send, the business information in their computer and even the screenshots of their online activities. OsMonitor can avoid your employees to misuse the Internet and computer, by forbidding their visiting of inappropriate Web sites like online shopping Web sites and sex Web sites, their chatting program like ICQ , MSN and Yahoo messenger, and the software unrelated with their work like games and Windows Media. OsMonitor monitoring software is Lan monitoring software and employee monitoring software available for company. It can help you to monitor your employee's screens, e-mails, chatting conversations. It also blocks ICQ, Disable USB, disable games and only allow specified applications running. Back up automatically all increased and modified work files (word document, program code) on Server from your employee's computer. E-mail recorder provides you the every detail of outgoing e-mails with Outlook Express. You even have the option of recording e-mail attachment. OsMonitor is the only one software in the world which supports the monitoring and backup of SSL secured e-mails.
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    DevOps - Monitoring
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