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David took a leading role in bringing the LEO computer into active use for the UK catering enterprise J. Lyons and Company. He was responsible for developing the business applications and as such in charge of all programming and systems work. When Lyons set up its computer subsidiary, LEO Computers Limited, he became a director responsible for marketing, and all systems work. Subsequently on the Government sponsored consolidation of the UK computer manufacturers he took a senior role in the resultant company, ICL. David was a true pioneer, inventing many of the standards now called systems engineering (Aris, 2000, Caminer 2003). Many of those who worked for him owe their success to the rigorous methods and quality standards David insisted on. After retirement David established the LEO Foundation and was the principal author of the book "LEO: The Incredible Story of the World's First Business Computer" (Caminer et al, 1998)