• 1918 April 19
    (b.) -
    1963 October 30


Clifford Berry received his M.S. in Physics in 1941. After their marriage in 1942, the couple left Iowa for a defense-related job he had been offered with Consolidated Engineering Corporation in Pasadena, California. Under a special arrangement with Iowa State, he did his research in absentia and completed the requirements for the Ph.D. (in physics) in 1948, while employed by C.E.C. In 1948 he received the doctorate after presenting a thesis entitled "The Effects of Initial Energies on Mass Spectra." He became Chief Physicist at C.E.C. in 1949 and Assistant Director of Research in 1952. He was made Director of Engineering of the Analytical and Control Division in 1959 and also served as its Technical Director.
  • Date of Birth:

    1918 April 19
  • Date of Death:

    1963 October 30
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  • Noted For:

    Holder of 19 patents in the area of mass spectrometry and 11 in vacuum and electronics and pioneer in radio and electrical engineering
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