• 1924 August 23
    (b.) -
    2003 February 13


Development of different generations computers: "Minsk" computers, ES computers, personal computers, mobile computers and development on their basis of multicomputers complexes and Automated Control Systems of different purposes; display systems; optical character recognition systems; input-output devices; CAD and CAM systems for hardware and software. Main Publications 1. The major problems of the multicomputer systems development (1969). 2. Problems of the architecture compatibility for fourth and next generations mainframes (1980). 3. The use of interactive computer network resources and facilities (15 interconnected mainframes) for development of large program complexes (1984). 4. The unify and complete technology for development and manufacture of computers on the base of large-scale integrated circuits (1988).
  • Date of Birth:

    1924 August 23
  • Date of Death:

    2003 February 13
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    Noted developer of the Russian "Minsk" computers, hardware and software
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