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He is a graduate of Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley. He was an architect of System R, the precursor to DB2. he was one of the inventors of SQL language. The Eswaran principle relating to database locking and transactions is a contribution that he made along with Jim Gray and Irv Traiger while working as a scientist at IBM Research. Subsequently he launched Esvel, Inc. (acquired by Cullinet Software in 1987, which itself was acquired by Computer Associates) and Kaps Corportaion (technology acquired by subsidiary of BP, Hewlett-Packard and by Carlysle Library Systems). He is currently the CEO of Integrated Informatics Inc. Eswaran pursued his career primarily working as a researcher and software designer at IBM Research where he contributed to several major database and transaction processing systems, including the System-R. He was founder and CEO of Esvel, Inc. and Integrated Informatics Inc. which develops and markets solutions for Paperless Browser Based Pharmacy Order Management, Medication Administration & Bedside Scanning, Medication Reconciliation and Patient Centric Health Records.
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    Founding members of the IBM System R Project, which formed the genesis of relational database technology
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