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As Vice President and General Manager for EasyAsk Products, he is responsible for the worldwide business strategy and operations for the company's current and future product lines. He is internationally recognized as an expert on database systems and computerized natural language. He founded EasyAsk as Linguistic Technology Corporation (LTC) in 1994 and is the author of its EasyAsk and English Wizard products. Prior to founding LTC he was the founder of Artificial Intelligence Corporation later renamed AICorp which went public in 1990. His early research involved a unique language analysis technique that became the foundation of Intellect AICorp's mainframe natural language product which has the distinction of being the first third-party software ever sold by IBM. He was also the chief architect of KBMS an expert system tool and InfoHub a relational engine for accessing non-relational mainframe data. Prior to founding AICorp He was a Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College and a visiting professor at MIT. He received a PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University and is author of the Bantam book, ?AI Enters the Marketplace?.