• 1912
    (b.) -


Lubomir was born in Samokov. He graduated from the Sofia University (1908). He became a professor (1925), and PhD in Math Science (Naples 1925), an academician (1930). He was a member of the math societies in France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Peru, etc. His main contributions were in the field of functions theory, numeric theory, quadratic equations. He examined integral representation and application of Newton quotients, he discovered and described the main characteristics and recurrent relations of their Peanne nuclei. They became a basis of the formed in the 60s theory of splayed functions which is considered to be one of the notable discoveries of applied analysis in the second half of the twentieth century. Chakalov found the exact range of the semi-interval where the undefined point of the Role theorem lies. The method applied by Chakalov and further developed by Favar is known in literature as the Chakalov ? Favar method.