• 1931 November 18
    (b.) -
    2006 July 05


Prof. Ing. Norbert Fri?tack?, PhD. was a "pioneer" of research and education in the field of computers and their use for us. He was one of the earliest pioneers in the field deployment and use of digital computers at Slovak universities, also an educator - a professor of Computer Science and Engineering, the first Rector of STU after the November revolution in 1989. Throughout their active working life spent at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. With his name will forever be associated beginning transformation of the Slovak Technical University in university compatible with European educational space. "Poč?tačiarsku 'career began at the Department of Automation and Control Faculty of Electrical Engineering STU. Following the establishment of an independent study program electronic computers in 1974 went to the newly established Department computers, which helped build along the newly created field of study. He himself introduced a series of articles in the field of logic systems and digital systems. Significantly contributed to rebuilding the curriculum after 1989, which resulted in new programs and the establishment of new faculties - Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, at which the sponsor of the study program Computer systems and networks. Taken for granted to ensure the items they lecturing, available literature - in the form of textbooks and university textbooks. Their use by students far exceeded the framework of the faculty and the university itself. Their quality is also reflected in the fact that they were "national" character and awarded by the Slovak and Czech Literary Fund technical matrix. The research is devoted to analysis and design of digital systems. Notable are the initial results of the compaction microprogrammes develop ideas and especially so. SIPO architectures (Single Instruction-Parallel Operation), which corresponds very well known VLIW architecture. As the responsible role of government has led many research plan, faculty roles and tasks of international cooperation.
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    1931 November 18
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    2006 July 05
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    Piononeer in digital computing and devices
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