• 1934 December 18
    (b.) - ?


Currently a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Kaiserslautern University of Technology (TU Kaiserslautern), he has received all his academic degrees from the EE Department at Karlsruhe University, where he later became Associate Professor of Computer Science. Before joining Kaiserslautern he worked in character recognition, image processing, digital and hybrid circuits and systems, computer architecture, microprogramming, and high level hardware description languages. At Kaiserslautern he worked on computer structures, high level hardware description languages and on VLSI design methods and tools. For about ten years he and his group have been working on reconfigurable computing and related compilation techniques. Supported by various funding agencies the achievements of his group are the definition and implementation of the successful hardware design language KARL; its graphical companion language ABL; the Xputer machine paradigm (data-driven procedural operation principles: counterpart of the control-procedural "von Neumann"paradigm); the reconfigurable KressArray family (reconfigurable generalization of the systolic array); and co-compilation for configware/software co-design. He is an FPL fellow and IEEE fellow, and has organized numerous international workshops and conferences. He is founder or co-founder of IFIP working group 10.2 (now 10.5); the FPL int'l conference series (Field-programmable Logic and Applications); the PATMOS int'l workshop series on low power VLSI design; EUROMICRO mirror); the Reconfigurable Computing Education Workshop series, and the German Multi University E.I.S.-Project (VLSI-Design). He has been invited to many international conferences as an invited speaker, keynote speaker, embedded tutorial speaker, and as a panelist. He has authored or co-authored more than 400 papers, and authored, edited or co-edited 16 books.
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    1934 December 18
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    Worked on hardware description languages and on reconfigurable computing as well as on configware/software-co-compilation are regarded as pioneering achievements, specifically, the successful hardware design language KARL and its graphical companion language ABL
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