• 1920 August 31
    (b.) -
    2013 November 22


Willis H. Ware (Ph.D., Princeton University, 1951) is a senior computer scientist emeritus with the RAND Corporation (1952-present) in Santa Monica, California with which he has held various staff and management positions. An electrical engineer, he has devoted his career to all aspects of computer technology -- hardware, software, architectures, software development, networks, federal agency and military applications, management of computer-intensive projects, public policy and legislation. In the late 1960s he developed a research interest in the security of computer systems; and shortly thereafter, a corresponding interest in the personal privacy consequences of automated record-keeping systems. For 35 years he has written extensively on both topics, testified before Congress, been a prominent spokesman on the impact of computer technology on society and active professionally as speaker, conferee, and researcher.
  • Date of Birth:

    1920 August 31
  • Date of Death:

    2013 November 22
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    Design of the IAS and Johnniac computers
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