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The Co-founder and CEO of BOX, he launched the company from his college dorm room with his friend and co-founder, Dylan Smith who is the CFO. He grew up in Seattle where he attended Mercer Island High School. As a child he spent most of his time in front of computers. After graduating, he attended University of Southern California. While in College, he was assigned a marketing project: Choose a market and conduct a SWOT analysis. He chose digital storage and found that there were very few meaningful services on the market providing this technology. He and Dylan Smith decided to build a company to provide this service. The project was then incorporated in April 2005 in Mercer Island, Washington. In the summer of 2006, the company moved to Palo Alto, California, their current headquarters. The two friends still hold their respective roles. BOX is a Software as a Service (SaaS) system, and its core is based around combining the core features of traditional content management with the usability of typical online collaboration software. BOX aims to reinvent how businesses share, manage and access all of their content with Cloud Content Management Service. BOX is used by more than 11 million individuals and 120,000 businesses worldwide. He is known for his dynamism and passion at work. He is featured in the "30 Most Influential Under-30 CEOs" and INC. Magazine's "Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30". He has been profiled by Fast Company magazine, and The Wall Street Journal's Digits Show. He is known for being a terrific fundraiser for BOX since Inception. Angel Investment is from Texas Billionaire Mark Cuban after a cold e-mail. Early investors in the company include top VC firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Emergence Capital Partners, Meritech Capital Partners, Scale Venture Partners and U.S. Venture Partners. On the last rounds of funding, investments came from even bigger names like Salesforce and SAP reaching $162 Million of funding since the launch back in 2005. His initial tactic was to offer a freemium model, with a 1 Gigabyte of space for every new user. Simultaneously BOX entered the Businesses/Enterprise space and focusing on providing full professional service. The intention was to enter into 'Enterprise's employees tools' and attract attention from "the small door" Businesses by separate departments. The belief was that employees would implement BOX's services and share with their co-workers, leading IT managers and CIO to embrace this product and sign up the Corporation for professional services. BOX received a number of funding rounds and is now evaluated at greater than $600 million with more than 500 employees. The company is one of the leading corporation in the Cloud space and is aggressively growing and innovating for the Enterprise (has 82% of the Fortune 500s as clients) with more than 100,000 clients and upward of 7 million users. BOX is "one of the fastest growing enterprise applications" ever. He has been featured in numerous TV interviews, IT Conferences and Business Events talking about the Software Industry shift to the Cloud space for the benefits of the Enterprise. He has spoken about content and collaboration tools at events such as DEMO conference, CloudBeat conference, Accenture Global Summit, South by Southwest and Svase. He has also presented his take on tech at some of the top tech conferences such as Fortune Brainstorm Tech, Web 2.0, and Dreamforce. In addition, BOX's CEO has multitudes of articles on IT websites and News Media websites where he is guest posting, mentioned, featured and interviewed. Aaron is also frequently invited to speak at industry events about Cloud computing and Enterprise IT solutions.