• Mar 25, 1892
    (b.) -
    Jan 1, 1980


founded, in 1944, the Ampex company, using his initials, A.M.P., plus "ex" for "excellence" to create the name. The high-frequency bias technique, which made quality recording possible, was invented by Telefunken engineers, and Poniatoff was the beneficiary of what was effectively war-booty. Danish engineer Valdemar Poulsen's original magnetic recorder was previously only usable for telephony recording. In 1956, engineers of Ampex created the world's first rotary head recorder, the VR-1000 videotape recorder. Poniatoff served as president of Ampex until 1955 when he was elected chairman of the board.
  • Date of Birth:

    Mar 25, 1892
  • Date of Death:

    Jan 1, 1980
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    Founder, AMPEX
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