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Considered to be one of the most agile businesspeople in mobile tech, he was born in Lu-Kang, Taiwan. He received his Bachelor?s degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and his Master's degree in Business Management from National Chao-Tung University. Upon his graduation in 1978, he joined Multitech, a company that later became Acer, where Stan Shih was his early mentor. In 1989, he was asked by some of the engineers to join them to form another company called ASUSTeK Computer, Inc (ASUS). He declined; however, he supported them by funding 60% of the capital. Three years later, when ASUS encountered some problems, he did join them as Chief Executive Officer. He continues to serve as the Chairman and Chief Branding Officer of ASUSTeK Computer, Inc. and has been its Director since April 1994. After inventing the Netbook category in 2007, he pushed ASUS to continue honing its designs, offering everything from a bamboo-infused ultraportable to a mammoth multimedia machine with Bang & Olufsen speakers. Even though netbook sales have reportedly peaked, he has kept ASUS relevant by continuing to drive demand in that category, and he plans to release not one but two Eee-Pads (powered by Android and Windows) to compete with a certain Apple tablet. ASUS has also stepped up its smart phone game through its Garmin partnership, releasing a new Android phone for T-Mobile that integrates location like no other device. Now he is experimenting with all sorts of natural user interfaces including voice and gestures. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he has the guts to take risks, but it's his execution that sets him apart from the competition.
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    Led the Asustek Computer engineering teams to design a new, more mobile computer, the result of which is the Netbook, a mini-laptop
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