• 1941
    (b.) - ?


An independent author, lecturer, researcher, and consultant, specializing in relational database theory, he attended High Wycombe Royal Grammar School (U.K.) from 1951 to 1958 and received his B.A. degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University (U.K.) in 1962. He entered the computer business as a mathematical programmer at Leo Computers Ltd., London, where he quickly moved into education and training. In 1966, he earned his Master's degree at Cambridge, and in 1967, he joined IBM Hursley, in the UK as a computer programming instructor. Between 1969 and 1974, he was a principal instructor in IBM?s European education program. While working at IBM he was involved in technical planning and design for the IBM products SQL/DS and DB2. He was also involved with Edgar F. Codd?s relational model for database management. After both left IBM (he in 1983 and Codd in 1984), they formed, along with colleague Sharon Weinberg (later Sharon Codd) two companies - The Relational Institute and Codd & Date Consulting Group - specializing in all aspects of relational database management, relational database design, and database product evaluation. (C&DCG subsequently grew into a family of related companies, including a parent company called Codd & Date International and a European subsidiary called Codd & Date Limited. Since leaving IBM he has written extensively of the relational model, in association with Hugh Darwen. His book An Introduction to Database Systems, currently in its 8th edition, has sold well over 700,000 copies not counting translations, and is used by several hundred colleges and universities worldwide. He is also the author of many other books on data management, most notably with Hugh Darwen, ?Databases, Types, and the Relational Model?, subtitled and commonly referred to as ?The Third Manifesto?, currently in its third edition (note that earlier editions were titled differently, but maintained the same subtitle), a proposal for the future direction of DBMSs. Other books he has authored or co-authored includ: ?A Guide to the SQL Standard,? 4th ed., Addison Wesley, USA 1997, ISBN 978-0-201-96426-4; ?Temporal Data & the Relational Model?, ISBN 1-55860-855-9; ?Database in Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners?, ISBN 0-596-10012-4; ?Several editions of Relational Database Writings?, ISBN 0-201-39814-1, ISBN 0-201-82459-0, ISBN 0-201-54303-6, ISBN 0-201-50881-8; ?What Not How: The Business Rules Approach to Application Development?, ISBN 0-201-70850-7; ?The Database Relational Model: A Retrospective Review and Analysis?, ISBN 0-201-61294-1; and SQL and Relational Theory, 2nd Edition: How to Write Accurate SQL Code, ISBN 1-4493-1640-9. In recent years he has published articles with Fabian Pascal at Database Debunkings.