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A consulting developer for Oracle Corporation working from his home in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, on "Oracle VM"*, Oracle's Xen-based virtualization product, he previously worked for Hewlett Packard for over 25 years; most recently as a principal Research Scientist at HP Labs. He began at HP as a member of the Processor Architecture Team that developed PA-RISC; he wrote the first PA-RISC simulator, remote debugger, object-code emulator (for the 16-bit HP3000), integer multiplication algorithm, and linker. During the later 1980's and the 1990's, he managed various R&D teams in HP's software, server, and storage divisions. In 2001, he joined an HP Labs team investigating security and virtualization on the Itanium platform; this team developed vBlades, the first Itanium virtual machine monitor. When Xen was announced in 2003, he began a port of Xen to Itanium (Xen/ia64), utilizing the lessons learned in vBlades and also directly leveraging Linux/ia64 code. This effort grew to involve a multi-company, worldwide team of Itanium experts that completed the port, such that Itanium is the only fully-functional non-x86 architecture in the Xen source tree.
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    Writer of the first PA-RISC simulator, remote debugger, object-code emulator for the 16-bit HP3000
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