• 1999 September 21
    (b.) - ?


Born September 21, 1999, he is a young programmer living in Singapore. In 2009, at the age of 9, he was thrust into the media spotlight as the world's youngest iPhone developer, responsible for the app Doodle Kids. CNN International ranked him as the Singapore "Icon of cool" and he was listed as one of the reasons why Singapore is the world's greatest city. He started programming at the age of 7 with the help of his father, working on an old Apple IIGS computer using Applesoft BASIC, Complete Pascal and ORCA/Pascal (based on Object Pascal). He wrote many applications including Doodle Kids and Invader War on the Apple IIGS. He later rewrote Doodle Kids for the iPhone and then Android platforms. Between the time it was launched till the end of 2010, Doodle Kids has been downloaded more than 880,000 times (iOS and Android platforms combined). He can now program in Objective-C, Java, JavaScript and ActionScript. He is currently working on Invader War 2, an iPad arcade game written using Cocos2d. He also hosted a YouTube show called "The Apple IIGS Show" with his sisters Lim Xin Quan and Lim Xin Mei. The show uses Apple IIGS computers to do graphics and animation.