• 1940
    (b.) - ?


Responsible for directing the Vanguard Enforcer product development and architecture, he directed the Vanguard Enforcer product alterations necessary to achieve the EAL3+ evaluation. Born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon, he is a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He was a software scientist/engineer at IBM Research in San Jose for 28 years. He pioneered Information Management Facility (IMF), a path breaking security system that was the underlying basis for the IBM security product Resource Access Control Facility, (RACF), an IBM software product that provides access control and auditing functionality for the z/OS and z/VM operating systems. He is considered to be the "father" of RACF in that he contributed to the release of the original RACF release code, and numerous enhancements, including passwords, Global access, RACF address space, and the RACF Remote Sharing enhancement. He was also involved with the review process of the RACF "Orange Book" B1 security enhancements. Otherwise known as The Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC), the Orange Book was the United States Department of Defense standard that set basic assessment requirements for security controls built into a computer system. First published in 1983, and updated in 1985, the TCSEC was the centerpiece of the Rainbow Series of Department of Defense security publications. He is the Senior Product Architect at Vanguard, an independent commercial security software and consulting firm that contracts with financial institutions, insurance companies, government agencies, and many others. He is a member of the Mainframe Executive Hall of Fame.