• 1926 November 03
    (b.) -
    2004 March 11


He and John W. Sheldon. Founded Computer Usage Company (CUC) (1955?1986), sometimes called Computer Usage Corporation, which was the first independent company to market computer software. They had formerly worked together at IBM, and planned to offer services to help develop computer programs. The initial investment of US$40,000 supported the founders and a staff of five. Although the term software had been coined earlier as a prank, it did not appear in print until later. Before this time, software was developed either by the users of the computers, or the few commercial computer vendors of the time. CUC is generally considered the first company to develop software independently. CUC's first project was a program written for California Research Corporation to simulate the flow of oil. He and Reynolds left in July 1968 and the company changed direction under new president Charles Benton, Jr. from IBM's Federal Systems Division.
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    1926 November 03
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    2004 March 11
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    Computer Usage Company (CUC) which was the first independent company to market computer software
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