• 1882 December 25
    (b.) -
    1925 June 07


An Information technology pioneer, known for his works on improved punched card machines. In 1907 he finished his studies in civil engineering in the Technical School of Kristiania (Kristiania Tekniske Skole). In 1916 he was hired as a technical inspector of the insurance company Storebrand where his interest for the punched card machines technology started, and took over the task of developing his own punched card machine which used a punched card of 45 columns, with round holes and a rotating adder. In 1919 he obtained his patent, and in 1921, he prepared a team that took over the introduction of its new machine at Storebrand. This team provided several and more effective new ideas for the Bull machine, causing it to be superior to the IBM precursor, the Hollerith used at that time because of the mechanism of punched card pre-selection. He continued to develop his ideas, improving the machine, which was a huge success throughout Europe. He died in 1925 and his patents were sold in 1931 and constituted the basis for the founding of the French company Groupe Bull, currently one of the largest companies operating in over 100 countries. He signed a contract with society Oka, led by Reidar Knutsen, which took over the costs of manufacturing and marketing. The production of these machines was in an accuracy workshop in Oslo. The machine proved a success and received very good reviews and publicity. The key factors for success were determined by the technical quality of the machine, the ease in using it, the provision regarding the above technology, the cost savings and the possibility for users to leave the IBM's monopoly and purchase their own equipment instead of renting them.
  • Date of Birth:

    1882 December 25
  • Date of Death:

    1925 June 07
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    Known for his works on improved punched card machines
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