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He has a national reputation as a successful executive in the software industry and currently emphasizes investments in information technology. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, he spent his early childhood in Des Moines, Iowa. His family then moved to Columbus, Ohio, when he was 10 and finally settled in Cleveland, Ohio where he attended high school. He went to Harvard in 1966 and received his B.A. degree in International Relations in 1970. He planned to work for the State Department or the Foreign Service; however, he had taken two courses in Computer Science at Harvard, and found them to be very interesting. To earn a living, he worked part-time doing data analysis for various professors around campus and then took a summer job at Case Western also doing data analysis. In 1973 he joined Tymshare and although he didn’t have the education he needed for the job, he became part of the operating systems group - first, in a utilities programming role for six months, and then he became one of three operating systems designers. His direct responsibilities were for producing minicomputer and microcomputer products. They built them, deployed them, and came up with many innovations. Two of his innovations were building the high-speed interface for TYMCOM-10 and TYMNET. He was involved in distributed computing…the action of one computer talking to another computer on a network, messaging back and forth, controlling computers remotely, “the Internet before the Internet”. From 1980 until 1989, he co-founded and served as CEO and Chairman of Ingres Corporation, a leading relational database software company. Previously he was with McKinsey & Co. as a management consultant. In December 1989 he became a Partner at Morgenthaler Ventures, based in Menlo Park, CA. He was a past Director of Siri, Inc., which was acquired by Apple in April 2010 and BlueArc Corporation which was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems in September 2011. He is a current Director of Nominum, NuoDB, OneChip Photonics, Orb Networks, Inc. and Overture Networks. He was also a co-founder and past CEO of Illustra Information Technologies, Inc., where he served as a Chairman of Illustra’s Board until its acquisition by Informix in 1996. He also served as Director of Catena Networks (acquired by Ciena (CIEN), Nuance Communications, and Premisys Communications and led the firm’s investments in Force10 Networks and QuickLogic.
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    Builder of the high-speed interface for TYMCOM-10 and TYMNET network; “the Internet before the Internet”
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