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He was the founder of Tandem Computers, a pioneering Silicon Valley manufacturer of fault tolerant computer systems which were marketed to the growing number of transaction processing customers who used them for ATMs, banks, stock exchanges and other similar needs. He attended Rice University, where he received a B.A. degree in 1963 and a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1964. He then served as Marketing Section Manager on the HP 3000 project. He left in early 1973 to join Tom Perkins (ex-General Manager of Data Products Division) in a venture capital company to start Tandem Computers. He served as its CEO from 1974 to 1996. Under his leadership, Tandem delivered its first product in 1976, first issued public stock in 1977, and in 1980 was ranked by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing public company in America. When he retired in 1996, Tandem was a $2.3 billion company employing approximately 8,000 people worldwide. In August 2002, he joined New Enterprise Associates as a Venture Partner based out of Austin, TX; a company that develops powerful low-cost microcontroller chips, which are used for a range of purposes, including factory automation, remote monitoring and gaming. He was featured in the documentary film Something Ventured which premiered in 2011.
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    Founder of Tandem Computers
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