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A 2004 IBM Fellow in the Rational brand within IBM's Software Group, he is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Enterprise Modernization Tools and Compilers. His responsibilities include technical strategy and execution for this important technology area as Rational brings innovative and productive tools to market to help clients get the most of their IT investments in applications, systems, people and teams. He received a B.Sc. degree in Engineering Science in 1985and his M.Sc. degree in 1988 in Electrical Engineering; both from the University of Toronto. He joined the IBM SWG Toronto Laboratory in 1988 where he started working on the first of many projects in the area of compiler optimization and code generation. After an interesting 2 year stint as a third line manager, he returned to a pure technical role as IBM's Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Compilers. Shortly thereafter in 2004 he was appointed an IBM Fellow (an executive position) which is IBM's highest technical designation and he is the first to be appointed to this title in the IBM Canada Laboratories as well as one of the youngest ever of the 180 who have been appointed since the Fellow program's inception in 1963. In 1997, he was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology in recognition of his contributions to IBM?s technology portfolio, particularly in the area of optimizing compilers and high performance language implementations. In 1999, he was made an IBM Distinguished Engineer and received a Corporate Award for the business impact of the technology that he had been a large part of creating. A few years earlier, he had conceived and started work on a new dynamic compilation infrastructure known as Testarossa, which along with the J9 JVM project became the basis for all of IBM?s Java language implementations, which themselves are the underpinnings of a large part of IBM?s substantial portfolio of middleware products. Since that time, Testarossa has become a more generically reusable compilation component that can be found not only in IBM?s Java implementations from cell phones to servers, but also in IBM?s static compilers and binary translation systems. He was also honored as an IBM Master Inventor for his prolific invention and innovation that has produced a broad portfolio of issued and pending patents. For his contributions to IBM's Java implementation, IBM CEO Sam Palmisano presented him with a 2nd corporate award in 2007. In 2008, after moving organizationally from AIM to the Rational brand, he added IBM?s suite of Enterprise Modernization Tools to his CTO responsibilities.
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    Conceiver and developer of a dynamic compilation infrastructure known as Testarossa, which along with the J9 JVM project became the basis for all of IBM’s Java language implementations
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