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He has 36 years of extensive experience in system architecture, product development and executive management. He served for 30 years at IBM with assignments that included Program Fetch and MVS System Manager, where he was responsible for development of IBM's relational database DB2 market-leading products including DB2, IMS, and the MVS Operating System. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University in 1959. After leaving IBM, he joined Informix, Inc. in 1993, where he served as Senior Vice President of its Research and Development group until 1998. He delivered the first parallel database and managed the successful engineering merger of Informix and Illustra databases. He also established Informix as the leader in parallel databases. He joined Siebel Systems as Senior Vice President of Products and Engineering in October 1998 where he built a team of over 1,000 engineers and delivered three significant releases of Siebel Enterprise Applications. He served as General Manager of Application Software Business Unit. He has also served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering of AirPrism Inc. He serves as a Director of XIS. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board of AfterCollege, Inc. and Verari Systems, Inc. He also serves as Advisory Board Director of pre-IPO start-ups: Speedera, Bridgestream and Infogain.
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    Designer and implementer of IBM’s Program Fetch and co-developer of IBM's relational databases, DB2, IMS, and the MVS Operating System
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