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A Nepalese computer programmer credited with helping to usher in Information Technology (IT) in Nepal. He's also known for designing computer systems that can be operated in the Nepali language. On the list of boyhood achievements is a radio receiver set that he designed and fabricated to listen to Radio Nepal. Later he made microprocessor-based controllers and video cards as well as the first microcomputer in Nepal, making the power supply unit and video card himself. He bought a keyboard from the USA, made the monitor from a Russian television and demonstrated his microcomputer at the South Asian Regional Conference on computers, in Kathmandu. In 1981 he worked on developing floppy disk controllers with 900Kb storage space and he opened the first company in his country for manufacturing computer cards, Sun Moon Computer Industry, in 1995, and established Hi-Tech Pioneer Ltd, an Internet Service Provider. His primary interest is in designing systems that can be operated in the Nepali language and received the Science Award in December 1983 for this work. Programs he has developed include, but are not limited to: Voice Recognition System, Voice Dictionary, Radiation Monitor, Nepalese Subtitle Display, Nepali Multimedia.