• Nov 25, 1739
    (b.) -
    May 2, 1790


Hahn was born on 25th of November, 1739 in Scharnhausen, Esslingen, as the second of ten children in a family of a pastor. From 1749 to 1754 he attended Latin schools in Esslingen and in Nürtingen. During this time he became interested in astronomical observations and even tried to construct sundials. From 1756 to 1760 he studied theology at the Protestant theological seminary Tübinger Stift in Tübingen. It is amazing, that some 150 years before Hahn, in the same college studied also theology the inventor of the first mechanical calculating machine—Wilhelm Schickard, however Hahn, in contrast to Schickard, later on will reject the proposed to him professorship of mathematics here.
  • Date of Birth:

    Nov 25, 1739
  • Date of Death:

    May 2, 1790
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  • Noted For:

    Designed the first functional mechanical calculator
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