• 1951 October 31
    (b.) - ?


Born in Virginia, he graduated from UCLA in 1974 where he made his student animated film, Room and Board, which won several awards and was included in the Fantastic Animation Festival. While going to school he worked at Disneyland in the character department and portrayed Dopey, Practical Pig, Prince John, Pluto and many other characters during the three years he worked there. In 1975 he was accepted into the Walt Disney Studios animation training program headed by the veteran Disney animator Eric Larson. He began his career as an inbetweener for Ollie Johnston on The Rescuers and progressed to full animator on Pete's Dragon. Ollie asked him to work with him on The Fox and the Hound in 1981. When Ollie retired to write the book, The Illusion of Life with co-veteran animator Frank Thomas, he inherited Ollie's supervising animator assignments for the characters of Chief and the adult Copper. After animating on Mickey's Christmas Carol and doing early experimental animation for Roger Rabbit he received an offer to work for TMS in Japan training animators on Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. From there, he moved to Taiwan as a directing animator on The Brave Little Toaster. In 1986 he returned to Disney as the Artistic Lead for the Disney CAPS development team. He combined his knowledge of animation with an understanding of computers to help design and build the first fully digital animation production system. He animated Belle in Beauty and the Beast and became the directing animator for the Magic Carpet in Aladdin. He went on to animate on Zazu for The Lion King and moved into the story department for Hercules. He also headed up the story departments for the Dreamworks films, Antz and Shrek. He recently worked at Disney with John Musker and Ron Clements storyboarding and animating on The Princess and the Frog. With his self-taught ability to program, he created an application for owners of Apple iPhones and Touchs: an animation timing program called Animation Timer, a stopwatch for animators. He was the recipient of an award at the UCLA 2010 Festival of New Creative Work. He was also presented with an Academy Award for the Outstanding Contribution to Animation Award at two separate festival events.
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    1951 October 31
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    Creator of an application for Apple iPhones called Animation Timer, a stopwatch for animators
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