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He had an extremely varied career from his first experiences with computers at Project Mac at MIT and his work at Lincoln Labs. He then joined the startup of what became National CSS, Inc. (NCSS), a major timesharing company in the 1960-80s, until its acquisition by Dun & Bradstreet in 1979. He was a jack of all trades at NCSS, from heading up program development, and building new data center facilities, to even becoming the Controller of the company. He then developed SalesNet. He then left D&B to join Alan Brigish in another start up called Videolog. When that was sold to Schweber Electronics, he became a consultant at Capital Cities/ABC working on a number of projects there until it was reorganized; and he then worked for Fairchild Publications which was part of Disney. When he left Disney, he continued to work on various new projects on an opportunistic basis.
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    Developer of SalesNet
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