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A specialist in software engineering methodologies, he is often associated with the function point model of cost estimation. He also collects data on software quality, software risks, and software best practices. He received his BA from the University of Florida. After considering studies in biology, geology, and aeronautical engineering, he ultimately chose English as his major. After many years, he remains impressed by the "high level of professionalism and knowledge" of his professors in the English Department, where he studied Old English. He was most influenced by the linguistics course he took with Dr. Thomas Pyles, and became especially interested in the application of language to scientific problems. This approach remained with him throughout his career as a computer programmer, software engineer, author and entrepreneur. He formed his own business, Software Productivity Research, after holding positions at IBM and ITT. Since retiring from Software Productivity Research in 2000, he remains active as an independent management consultant. He has often worked as an expert witness in software breach of contract litigation and also in tax cases where software assets are part of the case. He is a Distinguished Advisor to the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), which brings together industry executives from Global 2000 IT organizations, system integrators, outsourcers, and package vendors to jointly address the challenge of standardizing the measurement of IT software quality and to promote a market-based ecosystem to support its deployment. He is the author of 16 books on computers and software. His many computer science publications have been widely used by many organizations and educators. These books include: "Patterns of Software Systems Failure and Success" (1994), "Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success" (1997), "Software Assessments, Benchmarks, and Best Practices" (2000), "Estimating Software Costs", 2nd edition (2007), "Applied Software Measurement", 3rd edition (2008), and "Best Practices in Software Engineering" (2009). All of his books have been translated into Japanese, and some of them have been translated into up to six languages. In addition to his technical books, he now lives in Narragansett Rhode Island, and is a noted historian. His "The History and Future of Narragansett Bay" was published in 2006.