• 1940 August 20
    (b.) - ?


DeMarco started working at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1963, where he participated in ESS-1 project to develop the first large scale Electronic Switching System, which became installed in telephone offices all over the world. Later in the 1960s he started working for a French IT consulting firm, where he worked on the development of a conveyor system for the new merchandise mart at La Villette in Paris, and begin 1970s on the development of building on-line banking systems in Sweden, Holland, France and New York. n the 1980s along with Tim Lister,Stephen McMenamin, John F Palmer, James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson, he founded the consulting firm "The Atlantic Systems Guild" in New York, where they initially shared offices with Dorset House publisher firm of Edward Yourdon. Their company developed into a New York- and London-based consulting company specializing in methods and management of software development.
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    1940 August 20
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    Known as one of the developers for Structured Analysis
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