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An Adjunct Associate Professor at UC Berkeley and a co-founder of the Berkeley RAD Lab. Prior to that he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford, and received his PhD, MS and BS degrees at Berkeley, Illinois and at MIT respectively. His current research interests include applied statistical machine learning and cloud computing; he is a co-author of the recently released position paper "Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing" and has frequently lectured on this topic. He has published several papers in collaboration with top machine learning researchers on the application of machine learning to diagnosing, characterizing and identifying operational problems in datacenter-scale and cloud computing installations. His 2003 collaboration with David Patterson on Recovery-Oriented Computing earned him the distinction of being included in the "Scientific American 50" top researchers. In previous endeavors he worked on micro-rebooting, a process that could protect networks from disastrous crashes in individual servers. He also helped design the Intel Pentium Pro microprocessor and founded a company to commercialize his UC Berkeley dissertation research on mobile computing. In addition to many articles and technical reports, he is co-author of a paper that drew significant attention, "Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing," which spelled out some early challenges and benefits of high performance computing clouds.