• 1932 March 19
    (b.) - ?


A Norwegian engineer and scientist, he is known for bringing the Internet to Norway, and for developing some of the country's first computers. He grew up in Tønsberg where he was the sole heir to a family farm. Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) Examination in low power technique Norwegian Defence Research Establishment He worked as a researcher at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) (1957-1984). He was Visiting Scholar at MIT (1958) and Bell Labs (1970). Chief Engineer in Telecom / Telenor 1985-1996, then a private consultancy of Vista Telematics. He was an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the University of Oslo in 1980, and began teaching there in microelectronics and computer networks. He implemented several innovative projects using digits Technology (Eng. digital techniques). This applies particularly to the use of transistors and printed circuits in computers, and more computers for simulation (SAM), Signal Processing (Lydia and Martinus) automatic control and telecom (Rasmus). Furthermore he developed a new form of distributed, digital PBXs, called hub technology. It became the basis for products marketed as Digimat and Tadkom. Several group members were later involved during firms or products that represented a new branch of industry based on computer technology. Norwegian Data , Information Control AS, Kongsberg arms factory data division, Alcatel). He collaborated with ARPA on the development of technology for the Internet in the period 1972-1981. He eventually collected a group of five researchers at FFI for this. The development used an experimental network - Arpanet - as a laboratory. One of the researchers, Pål Spilling , was to later actively help universities and colleges to connect to the Internet. His interest in the Internet began to grow, slowly at first from last in 1980. In order to exploit the new opportunities offered to him in 1985 for Telecom to develop electronic mail to a public service. This resulted in the firm TelePost , which grew rapidly until the middle of the 1990s when interest in Internet gathered the traditional technical standards. He is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences.
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    1932 March 19
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    Developer of a new form of distributed, digital PBXs, called hub technology
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