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ASIS&T's History of Information Technology website provides a bibliography of historical texts on IT, chronologies of Chemical Information Science and Information Science and Technology, a link to numerous historical texts on IT presented at Conference on the History and Heritage of Science Information Systems in 1998, a weblink to biographies on North American pioneers in IT history, a discussion of IT's historical "contribution[s] to the [w]orld," and a 15 minute video entitled "Termatrex Information Retrieval System Demonstration Video"
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The ASIS&T does not appear to offer any specific services through it's History of Information Technology website, other than providing access to IT history itself. The ASIS&T -- the larger organization itself through its 56 chapters and 20 special interest groups -- edits, publishes, and disseminates publications concerning research and development; convenes annual meetings providing a forum for papers, discussions, and major policy statements; ASIS&T hosted the first Information Architecture Summit and continues to do so annually, holds smaller chapter and special interest meetings, as well as special symposia; and acts as a sounding board for promotion of research and development and for the education of information professionals.
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