• 1979

Hardware Description

The Acetronic MPU 1000 is a video game console that was a part of the 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System family. Note that the white on the controller cord is styrofoam that melded to the cord in the box. The Acetronic MPU-1000 is another Interton VC-4000 "software compatible" system (saying "clone" would be misleading). That is to say that the internal specs are exactly the same and that games would run on both systems. The cartridge slots are however different in shape and cartridges won't fit in each others. This group of consoles is often refered as "Interton VC-4000 compatible system" as the VC-4000 maybe the most popular of all the other systems (see its entry for more info). The MPU-1000 Home Video Entertainment Center could also be found under different brands such as Radofin 1292, AudioSonic PP-1292, Radofin Programmierbares Video System or Hanimex HMG-1392. Or rather, the same hardware & case were licensed to these different brands. One particularity about this videogame "family" (VC-4000 & clones), is that they seem to be the only systems which required the game to be loaded into internal RAM from the cartridge, before being able to play (generally through a LOAD PROGRAM or equivalent button found on the control panel). The Acetronic MPU-1000 sold well in United-Kingdom and can be considered as the "English Interton VC-4000".